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BEAST Cool Magazine Article in China (Page 8)


Impressions of Beast from the Press Conference
Before meeting Beast, it is difficult to imagine their natural beauty. Despite having many pairs of eyes staring at them, despite the language barrier, they still spoke and joked naturally. When their playfulness comes, they would also joke about their own members. Ignoring all the restraints, Beast feels just at home. “Beast is genuine” this is factual. Just a few minutes in, the six of them had jump out of the screen and played a wonderful one-act.

Being the Hyung, being the leader, Doojoon’s conscious is: anything that has to do with me, I will prefect it, anything that has to do with the dongsaengs, I shall embarrass them. He loves to work out, is a cheerful person, brings the group together and hardworking….. He also set it upon himself to be a role model for the younger ones. However, when Hyunseung took his encouragement to start singing, his face contorts into a hideous expression, and shouted “do not sing!” Even if he is evil at times (jokingly), he won’t miss any opportunity that will bring him benefits. Just like when Hyunseung showed off his shoulders, he was the first one to wolf whistle. Not satisfied with the mental torture, he make Yoseob laugh hysterically together with him, hitting his shoulders. In the end, Yoseob didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from the pain. 

During this meeting, he had portray his mystical/cool image to the extreme, he talks very little, smile very little, and his finger keeps counting/fidgeting like a fortune teller, we really experience his coolness. His shades are the most attention grabbing item on him, it almost covered half of his face. Although to Junhyung, his shades are a form of fashion, full of character and useful, but to the fans it’s not so friendly. It causes reflections while taking photos! Just then, he turns into one direction and stays stationary there. Is he better looking at his angle? Is he looking at his fans? Is he counting the crystals on the decorations? Or is he simply asleep? 

The Hyunseung in our impression is cold and shy, but with this meeting, he renewed all the past impression we have, he is warm and naughty, showing the energy a 20 year old have. Being said that he is most difficult one to get out of bed (something about he showed an expression that lazing in bed is right), when the fans requested him to sing a chinese song, he gave in and sang 3 words in chinese before becoming all red and started laughing. When being asked which is his favourite body part, he chose his shoulders. Once again, giving in to everyone who wants to see his shoulders, he took off his jacket. The way he frown with a smile standing at 45 degree backing facing the audience, completely took our breath away!

Although he says that he has a very straight forward personality and doesn’t like to act cute, (something about his face and not believing that he is so young.) whenever the members spoke of anything funny, he is the first one who stands up and clap his hands. He will bite Doojoon’s ears or high five with Dongwoon. (something about Yoseob’s fan service is taking up all the fancam’s memory card capacity) When he was asked which member he would go to when he encounter difficulties, ignoring Doojoon’s stare, he replied, “Dongwoon” without hesitation saying that he is mature. And he eyed Doojoon “not you this time”. Although he is good at teasing the leader, he still cannot resist xiao long bao (china’s meat bun), no wonder he and Dongwoon are named Food God. 

During the press conference, he couldn’t hear what the MC was asking because he was busying looking at his fans. When he was asked about a question that he didn’t prepare for, he stutters when he answers. These are just some of his embarrassing moments. Although members say that he forgets his lyrics the most, however, he is very determine when it comes to dancing. Although it only lasts a few seconds, every step is taken with precision. Kikwang has always been famous for his good body, (???). Many fans thought that Kikwang is most satisfied with his abs, but in actual fact, he is more proud of his chest. Although he is again requested to show his body, he decline to do so, saying that he only flash his muscles during concerts.

Dongwoon: is Dongwoon the male god of Beast? 
Fan: (???) 
Dongwoon: Wrong! You, out! If I want to date you, will you accept? 
Fan: held out an O sign very quickly (which means yes) 
Dongwoon: but I don’t wanna *pulls a funny face*. 
Dongwoon ah, you cannot hurt fans like that…… although he looks mature, he is still the maknae after all, there is always some conditions that his hyungs allows. (hur~ this sounds weird) despite so, it doesn’t mean that Dongwoon will not be overlooked. When Hyunseung state that he likes rock music, Dongwoon joined in and said “Rock&Roll Baby” and starts imitating a guitar rocker. Just then, the atmosphere is bought down, his hyungs show expressions of helplessness: there he goes again….

CREDITS: Seobrisma

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