Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heechul Talks about Kikwang's Hosting Potential

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently shared his thoughts about Kikwang’s potential as a future MC.
On KBS 2TV ‘Win Win‘, which aired on August 2nd, Heechul came out as the secret guest of Jun Yoo Sung. When asked about Kikwang’s potential as an MC by MC Kim Seung Woo, Heechul answered, “Other people are calm and can stay still except for Kikwang, who keeps looking at the script“.
In addition, he was also asked if Kikwang would succeed as an MC and he cleverly dodged the bullet by saying, “You should consult with President Hong Seung Sung“. Hong Seung Sung is the CEO of Kikwang’s agency, Cube Entertainment.
Heechul was again asked about Kikwang’s idol entertainment sense and he answered sarcastically, “I watch ‘Hot Brothers‘ all the time“, and all staff and audience laughed at this statement because Hot Brothers, which Kikwang was a part of, was canceled a while back.


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