Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dongwoon's SELCA Spree

Dongwoon was quite enjoying updating his fans with his SELCA taken from everywhere.
The other day, he tweeted a photo which he had taken during their recent trip to Shanghai China. 
He wrote, “On our way to China. I really want to get rid of these bangs…”
And B2UTIES didn't expect that the next day he would again update his Yfrog not just with one but 3 more SELCAS
He wrote, "Similar pose and angle but different clothes.. Took a quick break from practice by eating and now I'm digesting!" 
He posted this during dinner time. And in his pose, it really did looked like the pic he posted the other day but it was taken from somewhere and different occasion. 
Just a few minutes after that he again tweeted with this message and another SELCA, "For today's style I changed the So Jisub angle and took the picture really close but it is really overwhelmingㅜㅜ ".

He is now wearing a head band that moves his long bangs a bit away from his face, thus, making him more comfortable in the dance practice.
Then to finally end his break time he tweeted a last one.
He was wearing a school uniform in this last tweet, where he wrote, "Going to dance practice now Good night everyone ^^"
It could still be early for a lot of B2UTIES at that time that he tweeted goodnight but our dear maknae is going to be busy for the whole night in their dance practice.
The members of BEAST are currently preparing for the United CUBE Family Concert happening in Seoul on August 14 and another one on August 25 in Japan. 
The same concert is planned to be staged on November 19 in London and some other parts of South America. 

CREDITS: Dongwoon's twitter & Yfrog

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