Wednesday, August 17, 2011

United Cube Family Held a Successful Concert in Seoul

CUBE family (BEAST, 4Minute & G.Na) made it's way to the stage of Jamsil Gymnasium and performed successfully last Sunday, Aug 14, what they have been rehearsing for a long time. 

The event spearheaded by individual group performances followed by the he fanservicey type of stage. And then they performed their collaboration "Fly So High", which was one of the most awaited highlights of the event.

Before the said concert, a press conference was prepared where the CUBE artists were present except for Kikwang who has emcee duties on Sundays for SBS Inkigayo.

Along with his artists CUBE Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Seong was also present. He mentioned upon the press “I have been in the music industry for the past 20 years and finally my dream of a family label concert is being realized. Today we will be performing in Seoul. Soon, United Cube Concert will be scheduled for Japan. Concerts in South America and Europe are in the final stages of contract signing. After confirmation, we will quickly make an official announcement.”

On the other hand, Hyuna's idea of the concert was heard as she says “I will be gaining valuable experience after this concert.” G. Na said “I would like to show a more mature side of me.” and earlier even stated "You made the CUBE Family Concert" which is being addressed to CUBE Family fans B2UTIES, 4Nias & G.Nis.

Junhyung said that “It was hard work rehearsing (for the concert) in the rain.” while group leader Doojoon says “We will begin this concert as amateurs and finish it changed.”

 The concert was also attended by 3 guests, namely: APink, Huh Gak & Mario, they are under the ACUBE management, the umbrella company under CUBE Entertainment. 


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