Monday, January 9, 2012

B2ST fans knit hats and jackets for children in Zambia

Fans of B2ST have banded together to personally knit wool hats and ‘jeogiris(traditional Korean jackets)’ for children in Zambia!
On January 9th, a representative of World Vision revealed that the members of a B2ST fanpage had donated 200 jeogoris as well as 245 hats. Back in 2009, Doojoon had visited Zambia and Mumbai with World Vision to volunteer and care for African children. Fans thought to continue his kind efforts by participating in the cause.
The project began in November, and together, the fans made over 400jeogoris, 200 of which were donated to another infant’s home in Seoul. In the letter that accompanied their donation, the fans wrote, “We know that it’s good to donate with money, but we wanted to create a gift that had our warm hearts melted into them, which is how we came up with this project. We hope that more people will take an interest in volunteering and charity after this project.”

CREDITS: allkpop

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