Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BEAST members hold a cook-off in their dorm

The boys of BEAST held a ramen cook off to see which member was the greatest chef in the kitchen right after their Bangkok tour.
Dongwoon wrote via his Twitter page on the 15th, “As soon as I get back to our dorms, I’m going to have a cook off with Doojoon hyung. When the time comes, I will share photos of us in action. Also, the results.”
Later, Yoseob also tweeted, “Wow they’re really going to do it. You guys cook, I’m going to sleep. I told you guys not to buy so many ingredients. Anyway, The cook off begins now“, and shared a few photos of the boys getting ready for their cooking battle.
In the photos, Doojoon and Dongwoon are quite busy in the kitchen, even dressed like rivals in black and white.
An hour later, Yoseob tweeted the results of the competition saying, “Judging panel – Yong Jun HyungHong Seung Wan, Yang Yoseob, Jun JungunLee Ki Kwang. With a score of 3:2, Son Dongwoon wins.”
Yoon Doojoon could not get over his loss and challenged Son Dongwoon to a fried rice battle. We ate really well, thanks to these two,” he continued, hinting that there would be another cook off in the near future.
Netizens laughed as they commented, “I want to eat Doojoon oppa’s food“, “Can I be a judge too?”, “Which ramen did you vote for?”, and more.
Source & Image: Yoseob’s Twitter, Dongwoon’s Twitter via Allkpop

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