Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yoseob’s fan cafe donates $3,000 to non-profit organizations

Yoseob recently celebrated his 22nd birthday on January 5th.
In celebration of his birthday, his independent fan cafe ‘Soulmate‘ decided to donate over $3,000 to ‘Yeouldol‘, a non-profit organization that aids children with rare and incurable diseases.
‘Soulmate’ has been donating to the cause on Yoseob’s birthday on an annual basis ever since his debut, and this time Yoseob also personally signed calendars for the children.
Yoseob along with the other B2ST members were awarded the ‘Artist of the Year‘ award at the year-end ceremonies, as well as the ‘Song of the Year‘ award for their hit song “Fiction“. This February, the boys will begin their world tour, covering 21 cities and 14 countries total, including England, Spain, United States, Canada, Singapore, and Japan.

Source: MyDaily via B2STrend

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