Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Netizens suspect Troublemaker’s HyunA & Hyunseung to be dating

Troublemaker‘s HyunA & Hyunseung have been reportedly spotted looking like an actual couple backstage.
The above photo was recently posted on an online community site with the caption, ‘HyunA & Hyunseung holding hands together back stage‘.
In the photo, although they were not performing on a music program stage, the unit was captured holding hands and whispering in each others’ ears.
The unit is currently promoting their song also titled “Troublemaker“, putting on provocative performances which includes a sexy wave and even a kiss performance at the recent MAMAs.
As the two are apparently appearing to look like a real couple backstage as well, their potential real life hookup is garnering the interest of some of their fans.
Netizens who saw the photos remarked, “They must’ve grown close after promoting together as a unit, holding hands like that behind the scenes“, “It’s hard to tell whether they are friends or lovers“, and “They would make a cute couple. Dating already?”

Source: MyDaily via @B2STrend

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