Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoseob designs a special towel for fans

B2ST is preparing for their upcoming World Tour, and they have prepared a little surprise for their fans.

The boys will kick off the tour with their first performance at the Olympic Hall Gymnastic Stadium on February 4th, and they want to make sure each performance is special and a unique experience for the fans.

Yoseob personally designed a unique towel, and 100 towels will be distributed to the fans. On it, he drew some cartoon figures and wrote, ‘BEAUTY (B2ST fan club) is the best’.

A B2ST representative informed StarNews on the 30th, “The towels were Yoseob’s idea, and he wants to surprise the fans with a unique gift. The drawings aren’t perfect, but they will serve as a nice gift to give out at the performances.”

Fellow member Son Dongwoon also previously captured the hearts of his fans with his own ‘fan service’. Over the summer, he put stickers on his fans and offered them a cold drink, while in the winter, he passed out heat packs to keep them warm.

B2ST will be traveling to Asia, Europe, and more for their World Tour, and they will also be performing their song “I Knew It” for the very first time. The other songs will be released one at a time as digital singles.

The boys are currently climbing the music charts with their songs, however, they do not have any plans to perform on public TV anytime soon.

CREDITS: Allkpop/ Nate

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