Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BEAST & MBLAQ show their concern for their beloved fans via SNS

The stars’ messages via SNS to their fans is a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens.
The 2012 MBC Idol Star Track-and-Field Championships took place at theJamsil Indoor Stadium on the 8th, where the hottest stars such as BEAST,4minuteMBLAQSISTARmiss AInfiniteAfter SchoolDal Shabet,B1A4, and more gathered to showcase their athletic abilities.
The weather was unbearably cold that day, but the fans came out in full force to see their favorite stars, and some were unfortunately turned away due to limited occupancy. The filming went on for many hours, but the fans continued to stay in order to support the stars. However, the celebrities became worried for their fans who were out in the cold, and boy groups MBLAQ & BEAST who were especially concerned from beginning to end expressed their thoughts and concern via SNS.
BEAST member Yoseob who was concerned for his fans wrote during the middle of the competition, “BEAUTY seems exhausted too T_T. Tired, huh T_T.” And after it was all over he wrote again, “Thank you for coming! And get home safe, by the way T_T.”
Fellow member Dongwoon also wrote, “BEAUTY persevered until the late hours of the night. We worked hard to make you laugh, but I don’t know how we did!!! Thank You ♥
Lee Kikwang thanked his fans with, “Must’ve been so draining, staying until the late hours of the night.. Go home and get some rest~ It’s dangerous out there so always travel in pairs!”
Yong Junhyung added, “BEAUTY!! You guys worked so hard until the wee hours of the night. I think I found something I’m good at today… No? Okay,” making fans more curious as to how he performed.
And leader Yoon Doojoon wrote, “Woohoo going to sleep now!!! For BEAUTY who came to support us… I know you guys were dying of boredom because of us BEAST members who are athletically challenged. I’m sorry. We are singers, so we will make it up to you in February!! We will show you an exciting time that will make you forget tonight’s boredom.”
Meanwhile, MBLAQ‘s G.O and Mir also consistently communicated with their fans throughout the competition. Towards the end, Mir wrote, “How is A+ getting home tonight? The buses don’t run anymore. Since I have a car, I’ll only charge you about $1,200 per head. And I’m only taking you to the cabs~ keke“, evoking laughter from his exhausted fans.
G.O continued to thank his fans throughout the event. “You guys are the best!“, and “Our long shoot is finally over~!! When I think of our A+ who suffered more than we did, all I can think of is showing you a good time at our comeback stage to make it up to you!! We promise to live up to your expectations ^^ I love you A+.”
In related news, the ’2012 MBC Idol Star Track-and-Field Championships’ is scheduled to air on January 24th at 5:15PM KST.


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