Saturday, January 21, 2012

BEAST reveals they are preparing for the 2nd full album and wishes everyone a happy new year

BEAST members were so excited to greet all their friends and fans for this big holiday, the Lunar New Year. 

They have reveled that they won't have their vacation since they needed to prepare for the Beautiful Show, which kicks-off on February 4 & 5. From then on, their world tour will start.

They also revealed that they will be releasing their first single "I Knew It" after 8 months. They are preparing a full length album too that will be released after the tour.

Watch the full video here:


read more for translation~~
[ALL] So~ BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST
[두준] Finally, Korea's most celebrated holiday is here! Sul-Nal (Lunar new year) that is!
[두준] Are you guys enjoying the holiday with your family and relatives?
[동운] They all are. Resting and watching this video.
[두준] Anyway, we do not have the holiday off. Feb 4th and 5th are approaching fast
[동운] On these dates, BEAST's world tour will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul
[두준] We are working very hard to pull off a great show! Stay tuned!
[동운] Oh wait! I knew it! I KNEW IT!
[동운] On Jan. 26th, Beast's new digital single 'I Knew It' will be released
[기광] It's been 8 months since our last release. We sang our hearts out, so we hope you enjoy it
[두준] Once we complete the world tour, our awaited new album will be released!
A full-length album, not an EP! 2nd full-length album! Stay tuned for that as well!
[두준] Hope you have a great holiday and start the new year with us, BEAST
[두준] Yeosup, say something.
[요섭] Happy New Year!
[ALL] So~ BEAST! Thank you! Happy new year!


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