Monday, January 23, 2012

B2ST hopes to be loved by fans all over the world in 2012

Members DoojoonHyunseungJunhyung, YoseobKikwang, and Dongwoon of B2ST got dressed in their finest hanboks to send their Lunar New Year greetings to their fans.
Leader Doojoon said, “2011 was a fruitful year thanks to all of you. We will never forget your support and will work harder in 2012. Please look forward to B2ST that will continue to soar. I hope that everyone I know, and everyone who knows me will have a healthy, and happy new year.”
Hyunseung who also participated in the Troublemaker unit added, “Hi everyone, this is Hyunseung. The new year is upon us. I hope that for this holiday, everyone will be able to enjoy good food with family and gain some weight! Diet after the new year. Let’s all eat well and say, “Fighting!”
Yoseob also sent his greetings saying, “2011 was a joyful year, thanks to all of you BEAUTY‘s. We will work to make all of you BEAUTY’s happy in 2012. We are also about to embark on our ‘Beautiful Show 2012‘ world tour. I hope that we will be able to receive a lot of support from all of the world. We will work to work hard to reap that much more in 2012!”

Source & Image: StarNews via Nate/ Allkpop

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