Monday, January 23, 2012

Old photos of Kikwang surprise netizens

Old photos of B2ST member Lee Kikwang have surfaced on an online community site.
The photos are from his graduation album, and netizens were surprised to see them, as he displays an image that’s quite different from his charismatic stage persona.
Kikwang showcased some hairstyles that fans would never expect him to, and his glasses gave him the image of a studious student.
Netizens who came across the photos left comments such as, “Hairstyle is definitely important in bringing out a guy’s looks“, “Who did that to his hair?”, “His innocent look is endearing“, “His expressions and his style made me laugh…“, and more.
In related news, the singer hurt his ankle while working out and resulted to singing in a chair while his fellow B2ST members performed at the 2012 Asia Model Awards on January 18th, as well as at theSeoul Music Awards on the 19th.

Source & Image : DongA via Nate

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