Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kim Shin Young parodies “Trouble Maker”

The hilarious comedian, Kim Shin Young, has done it again! For the past few years, the comedian has been presenting parodies of the hottest kpop songs on a litany of topics including overeating and indigestion, and this year was no different.
On January 21st’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Quiz That Changes The World’, Kim Shin Young partnered up with comedian Kim Mi Ryeo to perform a parody of “Trouble Maker“.
The two women performed their version “Bowel Trouble Maker”, which included witty lyrics such as, “The milk that fills my empty stomach, bowel trouble maker, the spicy fire-chicken, bowel trouble maker“, “Got to hurry up into the bathroom and first flush the toilet“, ”Got to be careful so that big sounds don’t escape“, ”I’m getting worn out as time passes. My anus is stinging, it’s driving me crazy“, leaving the audience and viewers alike doubled over in laughter.
In the past, Kim Shin Young has parodied Rain‘s “Rainism” calling it “Gluttonism”, G-Dragon‘s“Heartbreaker” as “Hunger-breaker”, Seo In Young‘s “Cinderella” as “Eat-derella”, and miss A‘s“Bad Girl Good Girl” as “Bap (rice) Girl, Gook (soup) Girl”.
Viewers commented, “As expected of Kim Shin Young”, “I’m already anticipating the next Lunar New year”, and “She has done it again with her parody”.
Check out the hilarious performance below!

CREDITS: NATE via Allkpop

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