Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B2ST Pre-records for their First Comeback Stage for Tonight’s Mnet Countdown

After exciting fans with the release of their album and music video earlier this week, B2ST will finally be holding their first comeback stage on today’s episode of Mnet’s “M! Countdown“!
They’ve already headlined countless times for their MV’s dramatic storyline, which surprised many with its level of depth and emotions. In addition, their new chorus dance move is also catching the attention of music fans everywhere.
Many are now anticipating how all of this will come together on one stage, but if there’s one thing we’re all sure of, it’s that it’ll be nothing short of impressive.  Netizens have been hyping the comeback by leaving comments like, “Their dance is so unique; they’re only moving their feet and I can already feel the energy” and “I tried following their dance and it definitely wasn’t easy.”
Stay tuned for the show at 6 PM KST! 


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