Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fiction Performance MR Removed Posted on Youtube

The recent performance of BEAST in KBS Music Bank of the song Fiction was recently re-posted in youtube by a fan and was MR removed.

In connection to this, Toseob posted in his twitter in the early hours of May 21 this message: It's the MR removed. Every time it comes out I check it. There are so many strange things about Anyways doesn't it sometimes feel like you became a fool by yourself?? It's like only I don't know what is going on but everyone knows and when I think about it, it all makes sense keke It feels like that these days keke.

So, it wasn't just the fans who were checking their voices out without the music but the idols themselves. This is really a good practice as it would make them perform even better.

Check out the said video and leave your comments as well:

CREDITS: wintersn0ww1

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