Thursday, May 5, 2011

B2ST to Hold an Asian Fan Meet Starting July

Currently preparing for their comeback, Cube Entertainment has dropped some exciting news for their patient b2uties. On May 6th, they announced that B2ST will be holding a fan-meet tour across Asia this July!
Thanks to the explosive support they’ve been receiving from the Asian market since their debut, Cube Entertainment decided to go ahead with a large-scale promotion plan all across Asia.
Representatives stated, “Fans all over Asia have been making unending requests for an international fan-meeting, which is why we’ve decided to set up one now. Fans can consider this fan-meet as an Asian tour concert.”
B2ST has been teasing fans of their comeback plans all month long through their respective Twitters, but fans won’t have to wait long now, as Cube Entertainment has revealed that they will announce official comeback plans through their homepage on May 9th.
So B2UTIES in Asia, you get ready and pray that your country gets included in the line-up of shores they will be visiting.
As of press time, Thailand is the only country with an exact schedule which is July 9. There will be a meet and greet for Thai B2UTIES.

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.
We are here to give two different news regarding BEAST’s new start that the whole Cube Family might be anticipating.
First of all, BEAST will be holding a large scale Asia fan meeting where they would have the chance to meet their fans all over Asia.
This event will be like a preview of the Asia Tour that BEAST had been preparing for 
So we expect that we will be visiting everyone with a spectacle layout.
It will be a stage that BEAST, who had received many strength from fan outside of Korea to move a step closer to being Asian stars, will get closer to the fans in different Asian countries.
Second, BEAST’s Korean comeback is not far away.
One year and 7 months since debut, for BEAST who had not remained in their position and gone through many transformations and improvements, 
We want to thank the fans once again for sending them consistent support and cheers through all those times. 
For this comeback, BEAST had been going through one of the intense preparation methods and are now at their time of finishing up 

Official post regarding BEAST’s new album, 
Will be revealed through Cube Entertainment’s official homepage on May 9th. We expect many attentions and anticipations.
Thank you.
CREDITS: B2strising; Cube Entertainment; Sports Chosun via Naver; Allkpop

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