Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kikwang Shows Frankness Towards his First Impression of Shin Dong Yup

Kikwang and Shin Dong Yup spoke straightforward words to each other when they met for the first time.
On the 3rd May broadcast of KBS2TV’S Win Win, the nation’s MC Shin Dong Yup appeared as a guest, showing off his wittiness with words.
MC Kim Seung Woo asked Shin Dong Yup, ” Honestly do you know Lee Ki Kwang? ” Dong Yup answered, ‘Yes, of course I know him.’ The MC continued, ” Are you sure? Isn’t he just an artist that you know after seeing him on television?”, cleverly replying him.
After that Kikwang said, ‘ Seeing Shin Dong Yup in real life, I can see that he has very nice skin. He doesn’t look his age. But, his nose and mouth is alright, except that the area around his eyes looks really squashed together.’ He gave his first impression of Shin Dong Yup with unexpected frankness.
Shin Dong Yup fired back, “It’s so strange that my nose and mouth are also squashed together, isn’t it? ” , making the audience laugh.

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