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Park Boyoung is Close to Junhyung's Ideal Type

비스트 용준형이 자신의 이상형으로 배우 박보영을 꼽아 화제다.

정규 1집 <픽션>으로 컴백한 비스트는 지난 24일 SBS 라디오 <최화정의 파워타임>에 출연해 솔직 담백한 입담과 멋진 라이브를 선보였다.

이상형을 묻는 질문에 용준형은 “마른체격에 작은 얼굴, 부드러운 머릿결을 가진 여자가 이상형”이라고 답했는데, 이에 멤버들이 “그 이상형에 맞는 여자 연예인이 박보영이 아니냐”고 덧붙였다.

멤버들의 반응에 용준형은 “이번 ‘픽션’ 뮤직비디오에서 박보영과 함께 연기호흡을 맞췄는데 그 이후로 팬이 됐다. 내 이상형과 가깝다”며 호감을 드러냈다.

또한, 팀워크를 알아보는 코너에서 비스트 멤버들은 애프터스쿨과 에프엑스 중 만장일치로 에프엑스를 선택, “‘피노키오’ 부르는 에프엑스의 무대가 정말 멋있더라. 또, 아무래도 대기실을 같이 쓸 생각을 하면 멤버수가 적은 게 좋다”며 재미있게 답했다.

한편, 비스트는 이날 ‘차도녀’보다는 ‘애교녀’ 스타일에 더 끌리며, 서로 좋아하는 이성스타일이 비슷하다고 밝히기도 했다.


After BEAST’s Yong Junhyung picked actress Park Boyoung as his ideal type, the topic is becoming a hotly discussed issue among the netizens.

BEAST, who had made a comeback with their first official album <Fiction>, appeared on <Choi Hwajung’s Power Time> who share honest words and an amazing live performance.

In a question asking about their ideal types, Yong Junhyung answered, someone with a “thin body and a small face with a smooth hair texture.” To this the members added, “Isn’t a female star that matches wih that description Park Boyoung?”

In response to the members, Yong Junhyung admitted that he had become a fan of her from acting with her in the ‘Fiction’ music video. He added that she was very close to his ideal type.

Also, in a corner to test the teamwork of BEAST, the members all chose f(x) over After School and added that f(x)’s stage when they are singing “Pinocchio” was really awesome. Also, they joked that if they were to share a waiting room with one of those two groups, the group with less members is best.

Meanwhile, BEAST admitted that they were more into the “cute” style rather than the “chic” style and revealed that their ideal types were similar as well.

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