Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEAST Wins in Music Bank

When it rains it pours just like their song "On Rainy Days" that never stops in every B2UTIES' iPods and MP3's.  During the performance of BEAST, the song "Fiction" was only rated in No. 7 and a lot of fans were worried that they might not be able to win. But to everybody's surprise, "On Rainy Days" which was the song BEAST performed life and was not pre-recorded was the one that receive the highest points. The BEAST themselves didn't expect the win for the song.

As constant practice by the show.  The charts are calculated by combining the Digital Music Charts (60%), Album Sales (10%),Number of times broadcast on TV/Radio (20%), and Viewers Choice Charts (10%). Thanks to the supportive b2uties who just didn't cheer on the live performance and vote but also buying their album and their singles online.

Here are the performances yesterday and the announcement of winners:

On Rainy Days


Announcement of Winner

CREDITS: Playb2st; owners of the video via youtube; as tagged

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