Saturday, May 28, 2011

DooJoon Answers to B2STRISING Tweet

After BEAST won in Music Bank for their single "On Rainy Days" on May 27, they received a lot of messages and congratulatory remarks from friends and a huge volume of b2uties through their twitter accounts.

Among those who gave a mention to the boys is the Official International Fan Club of BEAST "B2STRISING"

The message as translated:

@BeeeestDJ: International fans cheered really hard for you guys too! Congratulations to our awesome guys, BEAST! Shall we try for first again at Inkigayo too?! keke ^^@Joker891219 @helloimys @beastdw @B2stGK #b2stsecondcrown

And to this message, Doojoon, being the group leader made a tweet back:

@B2STRISING: Thank you so much, we’ll forever be working hard Peace¥


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