Thursday, May 19, 2011

BEAST Makes a Comeback in Mnet MCountdown

After the release of their first full album “Fiction and Fact”, the B2ST boys began their comeback promotions in Mnet’s M! Countdown with a double song performance.
B2ST performed two songs for their comeback – their title track, “Fiction“, as well as their ballad song, “Rainy Days“, which has been receiving explosive interest prior to the official release of their album.
“Rainy Days“ is an emotional ballad which was recorded on an actual rainy day in order to further accentuate a delicate sorrow while “Fiction” features sorrowful lyrics with an addictive piano riff that tells the story of a man who refuses to accept the loss of his love.
In order to perfectly deliver the difference between the two songs, producers of “M! Countdown” have produced two contrasting stage sets, “For ‘Rainy Days’, we’ve created an atmosphere like it’s really raining, whereas for their title track ‘Fiction’, we’ve created something more fantasy-like.”
During the said performance, the members can be seen with having full of emotions and passion over the message of the song.
View the performances here:

CREDITS: allkpop; crazycarrot

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