Monday, May 2, 2011

Beast Took 2nd Place in the Survey of Must Invite Idols in School Festivals

Music portal Monkey3 conducted an online survey from the 21st to 27th April titled “Which singer is a must invite at school festivals?” . The results were released on the 28th of April.
In this survey, out of 530 votes, the 6 member idol group Beast who are currently preparing for a new album took the second place position. They took 26% of the votes (140 votes).
Big Bang took first place with 34% (180 votes);2NE1 took 3rd place with 14% (72 votes) while 4Minute came in fourth with 12% (63 votes). Psy and YB took 5th (10%, 55 votes) and 6th place(4%, 20 votes) respectively.


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