Tuesday, May 17, 2011

M! Countdown Teases B2UTIES Over B2ST’s Impending Comeback on Stage

Following the official release of their first full album, “Fiction and Fact”, on May 17th, Mnet’s official Twitter account recently teased their fans with a picture of Beast’s impending comeback stage on this week’s “M! Countdown“.
Beast will be performing two songs for their comeback – their title track, “Fiction“, as well as their ballad song, “Rainy Days“, which had received explosive interest prior to the official release of their album.
It has been revealed that the staff of “M! Countdown” have been working hard on the group’s stage setting to properly display the group’s dance choreography and singing talents.
Beast will be pre-recording both songs on the said event.

Credits: BNT News; NATE; Allkpop

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