Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hyunseung's YOZM Updates Sounds Upset

Hyunseung updated his YOZM in the 18th of May and he sounds upset over some fans who found his actual number and keeps giving him prank calls. 

Here are his posts as translated:

People who are sending me calls and text messages, if you do it again, I will personally post your numbers. I always just ignore it and let it go, but this time, you guys should at least keep it reasonable ^^..When the time comes you guys will know the feeling of getting prank calls and messages from people you don't know. And of course I'm changing my number in the matter of hours ^^

But then again what would I know

If I do it right I'm bored, if I do it like that clapclapclap

CREDITS: HyunSeung YOZM; b2strising

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