Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5,000 fans attend B2ST’s first ever ‘Promise Event’ in Japan

On September 16th and 17th, idol group B2ST held their ‘Promise Event’ with 5,000 fans in Tokyo and Osaka to commemorate the release of their 1st official Japanese album, ‘So Beast’.
‘So Beast’ reached #2 on the Oricon daily chart immediately after its release, and a lottery was held for invitations to the event for those who purchased the album.
When B2ST made their appearance at the Tokyo Shibuya AX Hall on the 16th, fans screamed non-stop with excitement, promising a good start to the event.
During the members’ introduction segment, expressions of concern for Yoon Doojoon’s knee injury came up, as many thought that he should be resting at home. But Doojoon put them at ease with a gentle smile, saying, “I’m excited for this event because I can see our fans up-close like friends”.
During the ‘Promise Event’, fans were given a chance to greet the members face-to-face by entering individual booths that housed a mysterious member. The idea of having some alone time with a mysterious member was an innovative idea that further heightened the air of happiness and anticipation in the hall.
In the original plan, the members were supposed to put a band, engraved with ‘So Beast’ and the members’ names, around fans’ wrists. However the members decided to change up the event to include a pinky promise with each fan as if to say, ‘Let’s meet again‘. Fans were overcome with emotion at this gesture, and couldn’t hold back their tears.
Mika (22) from Nagoya stated, “I was shaking while I was waiting. As soon as I entered the booth, Doojoon smiled as he brought over the band. At that moment, tears poured out. I was so worried after hearing he was ill, but I was so touched at seeing him greet us with a bright smile and watching the members take care of each other.”
B2ST has become the first non-Japanese boy group in Japan to achieve a ‘TOP 3′ record three consecutive times, right after their debut.


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