Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mnet's BOOM the K-POP B2ST members compared to animals

Members of B2ST were compared to various animals, Doojoon-Lion and Gi Kwang-Puppy
Mnet’s Boom The K-POP analyzed just how popular B2ST is in Japan. Japanese fans seemed to love Korean beastly idols rather than cute Japanese idols.
A survey titled, “What animal resembles the members of B2ST?” was held in Shin-Okubo, the center of Korean Wave in Japan.
Fans compared wild Doojoon with a lion, cool and handsome Junhyung with a wolf, childish Kikwang with a puppy, and cute Yoseob with a chick. Hyunseung into a Siamese cat and maknae Dongwoon into a polar bear.
However, the members of the B2ST compared Yo Seop with a sparrow and Hyun Seung with a sloth.


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