Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SHINee, B2ST, U-KISS, SISTAR & more perform at ‘Invincible Baseball’ concert

KBS‘s ‘Invincible Baseball‘ recently opened up a concert to raise funds for their ‘Ballpark of Dreams’ project.
The ‘Ballpark of Dreams’ project began last December, but was never completed because of a lack of funds.  To raise the rest of the funds and to ensure its construction, the members of the show got together for the first time in nine months.  They invited every star they knew to perform at the event in an effort to attract more visitors.
In the end, idol stars like SHINee, Norazo, K-Will, Mario, Kim Joon, 45RPM, SISTAR, B2STU-KISS, and DJ DOC showed up to perform for their friends for free.  Yes24.com had also participated in the event by selling tickets and shipping them out, as well as covering all related costs on their end.
PD Choi Jae Hyung revealed, “The singers all lent their support to the meaning of this project.  Although only two to three songs were shown by each artist in the broadcast, they each performed at least five each.  They truly did all they could.  The profits made from the concert will go towards the construction of the baseball field.”


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