Thursday, September 22, 2011

Junhyung leaves a message for his laptop thief

It seems that BEAST‘Junhyung has gotten himself into quite the predicament, as he recently tweeted about getting his laptop stolen.
On September 22nd, Junhyung wrote on his Twitter, “Everyone, when traveling overseas, don’t leave your laptop in a baggage room…  I came back and checked my carrier only to find that my laptop was stolen, haha..  I lost everything I’ve been working on, things worth more than my laptop… Hit with something big as soon as I returned to Korea.  I guess things like this can happen to me, too.  Lost all my strength, can’t do anything else…”
As a message to the thief, he wrote, “I don’t know who stole my laptop, but I hope that you take that and be full with it for the rest of your life ^___^.”
The sarcastic tweet adds a bite to his words, expressing Junhyung’s upset feelings over the incident.  Here’s to hoping that he gets his laptop returned!

Source: Junhyung’s Official Twitter
Via: Star News and allkpop

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