Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dongwoon is a “Family Man”

Dongwoon spotted on 2 photos while he was spending time with his family on Chuseok Day.
He look fashionable and sweaty with apron and rubber gloveswashing the dishes, Dongwoon uploaded his photo on September 11st and tweeted, Helping my motherLooks like anyone who will marry me, her hands will never get wet. 
In the second photo, Dongwoon smile towards two twins babies and tweetedOur baby .. their age almost 100 days. Jiyeon and Seoyeon

Impressed with the photosthe netizen commented: “Marry me”, “I do not know if you are a loving family man”, and wahh .. I want to be a baby! 

Although he’s the youngest in B2ST, he has showed us that he will be a great father oneday with his mature behave. Feeling so great when i see him :D


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