Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doojoon got injured on his knee?

Today, our visual maknae tweeted about Doojoon condition, he said that Doojon got injured on his knee cartilage, he’s looking so worry about the leader. Let’s see his tweet today:

[TRANS] It’s a big problem for a soccer player to hurt knee cartilage*… Cheer up Yoon Doo…. I want to see you get well and run on the ground soon…..ke Doojoon’s cartilage ripped T^T Please tell him to get well soon..
We really don’t know for sure why Doojoon’s knee got injured, but as B2UTIES, we just hope and pray for the best to Doojoon, moreover today is their 700 days since they were debut. We love you so much uri Doojoon, please don’t take to much work now, so you will get well really soon. HWAITING!

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