Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cube artists + 2AM attend Hong Seung Sung’s book release conference

On September 1st, Cube Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung held a press conference at a cafe in Banpo-dong, Seoul to discuss the release of his new book, “There Will Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now“.
B2ST, 2AM, 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun, Huh Gak, A Pink, and No Eul made an appearance at the event to support their CEO and his message of hope.
Hong began, “I want to develop Cube Entertainment into the Samsung and LG of the entertainment industry.  After departing from JYP Entertainment, I was determined to build a better company  I believe I’m currently at the halfway mark to my dreams. My ultimate goal is to have B2ST, 4minute, and other artists under my agency fly around the world on chartered planes for global tours.”
Hong first entered the industry in 1990 by managing singer Lee Yerin. In 2001, he co-founded JYP Entertainment with J.Y. Park and went on to discover artists like Ryanghyun Ryangha, Park Jiyoon, Pearl, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM.  After establishing Cube Entertainment in 2008, he discovered talents like B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA, and launched them to the top of their careers.
He continued, “I was apologetic towards Byul for not being able to take care of her after I left JYP.  I was the most upset, however, when I had to let Jo Kwon go, as I had watched him grow for 10 years.”
Jo Kwon added, “I’m the first son of CEO Hong Seung Sung. This book in particular is especially meaningful to all of us because it contains memories that we share with him.  It’s touching to be able to look back on stories that were difficult at the time, but were still happy memories for us.”
Jo Kwon affectionately concluded, “We love you, father.”


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