Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hwang Jung Eum confesses that she likes Lee Ki Kwang more than Choi Daniel

Hwang Jung Eum has confessed that she likes Ki Kwang more than actor Choi Daniel!
On the September 19th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Jung Bo Suk’s Cheongdamdong 1am‘, Hwang Jung Eum will appear as a guest and reveal her honest thoughts.
When addressed about Choi Daniel stating, “I liked Shin Se Kyung more than Hwang Jung Eum“, she wittily replied, “I didn’t really like you [Choi Daniel] either. I liked Ki Kwang-ee more“, causing much laughter on the set.
She also added, “Because Choi Daniel has such a good personality we are very close and call each other often“, revealing that their relationship scandal probably stemmed from their close friendship.
On this day’s broadcast, Hwang Jung Eum will also discuss her past plastic surgery (nose). She even confessed, “Because it didn’t look right on me, I had the implant taken out“. Furthermore, the actress will explain her true thoughts on how she felt while filming ‘We Got Married‘ with Kim Yong Jun.


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