Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Which member of B2ST would place first in an audition?

Cable channel ETN and production company GSI reached out to netizens asking, “Who do you expect to win 1st place in an audition out of the B2ST members?” Over 300 people participated in this survey through Twitter and various portal sites.
The member who received the most votes from the fans was revealed to be Yoseob. Yoseob, having been recognized for his vocal talent on KBS’s ‘Immortal Song’, secured more than the majority of the votes.
Coming in second was Kikwang, who is currently leading a busy schedule as a MC on a variety show. Following Kikwang was Doojoon, Joonhyung, Hyunseung, and Dongwoon, who were neck-and-neck for the amount of votes received.
Despite the ranking, most of the netizens emphasized the value of B2ST as a group by saying,“B2ST’s true value shines when they are one,” and, “If B2ST as a group were to participate in an audition, they’d definitely take 1st place.”
Which member do you think would win?


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