Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Junhyung was hit by a doughnut box on the airport

The other day there was an incident when B2ST members are on the airport from Japan. One of their fans throw a doughnut box filled with doughnut towards junhyung and hit junhyung’s eye.
When Junhyung came to the airport, someone from the crowded threw a box of doughnuts towards Junhyung(which is actually a gift for him). It happened really fast that the managers can not protect Junhyung. The boxwas immediately hit the left eye of Junhyung.
After the incident, many of B2UTIES directly apologize to Junhyung via twitter, and Junhyung said that he’s fine. Let’s see his tweet :

[TRANS] I’m okay! Thank you for all your concerns. But hey next time, let’s talk in words okay keke I’m just joking and good night!


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