Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kikwang has no footprints after dancing

Kikwang has no footprints after dancing so much.

When he was a trainee, he stayed in a small house with other trainees and practiced hard everyday. He didn’t know when he would debut or if he would become a successful entertainer. The only thing that he could do at that time was practice. He practiced very hard, sometimes even by himself, after all the other trainees had gone back home.

One day, he went to his parents’ house. He relaxed and soon fell asleep. Later, his mother came in to his room to check on him. She covered him with a blanket but his feet were sticking out.

That’s when she discovered that her son had no footprints. Kikwang practiced so hard, he wore his footprints off. His mother cried a lot that day, holding Lee’s feet.

People may think that it’s not that difficult to become an idol singer. But that’s not true. To become a shiny star, you have to give your blood sweat and tears over and over and that’s just the beginning.

Source: Star News via korea.com

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