Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why do people find BEAST’s Kikwang attractive?

The recent episode of SBS E! TV’s K-Star New covers BEAST’s Kikwang.

Kikwang’s old acquaintances like his best friends and teachers from the past appear to talk about what he was like before his debut. As Kikwang is well-known for his manners and good looks not only in Korea but also overseas, the episode is expected to reveal whether all these titles were the same in the past.

Fans find Kikwang’s built body and smile very attractive. His sense of humor and talent in entertaining fans led him to host several variety shows.

In addition, his appearance on a TV series in the past made many viewers recognize his potentials.

K-Star News in which Son Ho Young hosts airs every Friday at 10:00 PM on SBS E! TV.

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