Sunday, June 19, 2011

“2011 Super Idol Big Concert” Gets Cancelled

Concert managers have revealed that the “2011 Super Idol BIG Concert“, which was originally scheduled for June 11th, has been cancelled. It features B2ST; IU; Jay Park and G.Na.
Supervisors will be taking legal action against the host, Coco Town, for the sudden cancellation, which comes just a day before the concert was to run. What has angered fans is not the tickets that they have already bought, but the fact that the management had previously notified them that the concert would be going on as planned when reports of its cancellation first made its way to the press.
Singers are also expressing their disappointment, as they had rehearsed all night in order to prepare for the concert. Jay Park had even raised the anticipation by stating, “It’s a real honor to be able to perform at the Olympic Stadium as a singer. I’m excited to be performing there.”
Others are concerned over the negative effect this will have on the Hallyu wave, since the concert was run under the intention of helping multi-cultural families. International fans had taken note of the effort and some had even expressed that they would be flying in to attend.
Prices for the tickets also began at $30 for A up to $88 for VIP seats, which people thought were a tad too expensive for a concert featuring a variety of artists, considering that “Dream Concert” was free.
Coco Town has announced that they will be refunding fans, but it unfortunately won’t help the time lost by both artists and their fans.

Note: This is the second time a concert event was cancelled which features B2ST and IU were together. The first one was a charity concert with the group December. 

CREDITS: Allkpop and TV Report

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