Monday, June 20, 2011

BEAST Thanks Fans for their Achievements

The promotion for “Fiction and Fact” is considered particularly special for them because it was for their first official album; it also gave them their first triple crown win.
In a brief interview with Sports Chosun, the members made sure to thank their fans with a heartwarming and humble statement.
Member Hyunseung began, “We had no idea that we would achieve this level of success. Because it’s our first official album, we were mostly worried and felt pressured to deliver. It’s because of all of your love that we were able to achieve something like this. I’m truly a blessed person. We will repay all of the love we’ve received. Once again, I’d like to genuinely thank our fans and promise to show a better image.”
Maknae Dongwoon continued, “I’m just so thankful. Still, BEAST has a long way to go. We will continue to work hard and show consistent improvement. We will never disappoint you. Thank you.”

CREDITS: Sports Chosun; Allkpop

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