Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Doojoon, Acting Comes After Singing

Doojoon had shared his apologetic heart towards the members.

After Kikwang who had appeared on the MBC sitcom ‘High Kick through the Roof’, Doojoon, who is acting on a sitcom, shared his honest thoughts on trying maintain the actor and singer schedule at the same time on the 17th..

Doojoon stated, “I am happy that this chance came to me and that I was able to experience many different things. If I get a chance to act again, I would want to take on that opportunity and try more serious things.”

However, due to Doojoon’s schedules for the filming of his recent sitcom, he was not able to join the rest of BEAST from the guerrilla performance in Japan. To that he commented, “I was really sad about that because I always want the six of us to stick together and I really feel sorry whenever I had to skip out on something because of my personal schedules.”

He added, “Acting is good, but my role as a singer would have to come first. And also, I want to focus more on my activities as a singer so that I would be able to continue performing on stage.”


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