Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heechul Reveals Pictures of Blood-type AB Celebrity Gathering of “Chocoball”

Heechul of Super Junior recently revealed his best celebrity friends through twitter.
On June 6th, Heechul tweeted with the above picture, “Simon D, Yong Jun Hyung, Choi JongHoon. I wish every day would be like today“. He continued, “Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Ki. I realized it’s important to laugh in life. I hope I can laugh like these days in the future, too,” with another picture of himself and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki.
The five people in the picture are members of the Chocoball gathering, which means, ‘a bit psychotic, but gradually attractive over time’. Furthermore, the Chocoball gathering is a blood-type AB celebrity friendship gathering consisting of Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Ki, Simon D, Choi JongHoon, and Yong Jun Hyung, along with Jang Geun Suk, Jo Sung-Mo, Mithra Jin, Sangchoo, and a few others.

CREDITS: Allkpop

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