Saturday, June 25, 2011

BEAST Enjoys Wifi in Tokyo and Posted more Selcas

On June 25, BEAST, who are currently promoting their 2nd Japanese single "Bad Girl", took advantage of the strong wifi connection in their hotel in Tokyo and in Universal Music Japan office by posting selcas that gave fans a lot of excitement.

They have been away of Korea for a few days already and these twitter photos are a good way to reach out their fans who are missing them so much.

Early in the day Yoseob twitted a selca with the message: "I’m here at Universal Music!!! Ack!!! Let’s be strong, aja aja"  

Just a few minutes after, Hyunseung followed it up with a random of cute selcas after sensing that the wifi connection was strong in the area

Yoseob tweets again a little later with a picture of Kikwang whom he said religiously eats chicken even in Japan. 

Then leader Doojoon join the fun with a selca that includes Hyunseung whom he described as "the peace man"

Dongwoon also added his selca since almost everyone has already did since the other day.

Their manager Yong Bok also took a shot of Doojoon and posted it in his own twitter.

CREDITS: doojoon, yoseob, hyunseung, dongwoon & yongbok twitter accounts

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