Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"SM Paris Concert is Amazing, We will Try our Best Too"

In reference to the SM Town Live Concert held in Paris, France, BEAST had raised their thumbs up and stated, “that is really amazing and we are envious.”

BEAST had met up with reporters on the 17th and stated, “We think that it’s really amazing and great that stars from our country is having a concert overseas. We are really excited as well because we have a concert coming up overseas.”

This summer BEAST will be planning the Asia tour and will put their plans for Japan tour for use. They are currently receiving requests to perform in Europe and South America as well.

Doojoon stated, “We can’t feel how popular we are overseas. If we try best in all the opportunities given to us, I believe that we will receive a great opportunity as well.”

He also added, “We are very thankful for the hotly response we are receiving as we promote ‘Fiction’, such as the number of first places we been getting. Even though we are still far away from our greatest goal, we believe that the stereotype of idol groups can be broken when people watch our stages.”

Meanwhile, BEAST will be on their 
second Japanese single ‘Bad Girl’ promotions this week.


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