Monday, June 20, 2011

B2ST Holds a Surprise Event at Shinjuku Station Square

On June 14th, BEAST held a surprise live event at Tokyo Shinjuku Station Square.  Here they performed their new song, BAD GIRL and their Japanese debut song, SHOCK in front of fans.
This event was held to promote their new single “BAD GIRL” which will be released the next day, June 15th. Although, there was no prior announcements related to this event, approximately 5,000 fans gathered to see them perform. Sadly, Doojoon couldn’t make it to this event because of his conflicting schedule but the fans didn’t mind much as there were a lot of loud screamings. As soon as they got on the stage, they greeted the fans saying “Hello!” with a smile and started to perform “BAD GIRL.” Right before they performed their second song, the members all introduced themselves in Japanese and promoted their new single.
Yurika (20), who’s from Yokohama, commented, “I heard that there was a stage set up in Shinjuku through Twitter so I decided to come. I’m glad that BEAST really came because I was already excited that it was the day of BEAST’s single release. It was exciting to see them directly like this.”
Immediately after BEAST’s guerrilla live showcase, SNS sites began trending keywords like “BEAST”, “Guerrilla Live”, and “Shinjuku B2ST.”
BEAST’s new single “BAD GIRL” were released in 4 different editions. 1 regular edition and 3 limited editions that will come with a DVD. When 2 of the 4 versions are purchased, you will be able to choose a solo version of your favorite member’s “BAD GIRL” DVD as a gift.

CREDITS: Tokyohive; Allkpop

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