Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoseob's Song will be Included in the Japanese "My Princess" OST

With the Korean drama “My Princess” preparing to air in Japan, a Japanese version of the original soundtrack will hit shelves on July 24th. The package will feature Yoseob’s “Cherish That Person" and a song by BEAST. Also included are two solo songs from 4minute members Heo Gayoon (I Want to Love Again) and Jeon Jiyoon (Oasis). An attached DVD will have music videos for BEAST and Yoseob’s songs, and the CD and DVD set will cost 3,675 yen. Fans of the groups hope that working with the drama will boost their popularity in Japan.

“My Princess” originally aired in early 2011, and starred household names Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon. Kikwang also appeared in a minor role as a devoted palace chef. The songs on the Japanese soundtrack will be Japanese versions of the original Korean songs BEAST and 4minute recorded for the drama. Although “My Princess” has been scheduled to air in Japan since January, an airdate has not been confirmed. It is likely that it will air sometime around the release of the soundtrack.

CREDITS: UniversalMusic Japan; 4minute.com; koreaboo

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