Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shindong's Sister is a BEAST Fan

He (Shindong) said "One day I called and she came unlike the usual, saying 'I miss you oppa. I love you,'. I asked 'Why do you want to see BEAST concert?' Shindong added 'My little sister's a BEAST fan.Together with her friends she has been saving tickets for the popular star' he explained.

Today's studio founds out a little something from Shindong's little sister,'How about Leeteuk oppa' and the answer was 'Handsome' she replied with big loud voice. 'I like BEAST more' she added which make Leeteuk fell into humiliation. Kang Hodong asked 'Today we have guest appearances like U-Know Yunho,Kim Hyung Joon, Lee Seung Gi and (2PM) Junho, which one do you like the best?' Without hesistation, she answered 'I like BEAST the best' which drew the stars to laugh of embarassment.


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