Tuesday, June 21, 2011

B2ST Shares Thoughts on Winning Eight Times with “Fiction and Fact”

After concluding with their “Fiction” promotions on SBS’s “Inkigayo“, the boys of BEAST are now into their Japanese promotions.
Although it was a short cycle, it’s definitely been one heck of a ride for these boys, as they’ve managed to land a total of eight trophies in just one month. Not only that, but they’ve also achieved their first triple crown on Mnet “M! Countdown.”
They’ve been thanking fans all throughout their promotion cycle, but they didn’t forget to thank them one last time before heading off to focus on Japan.
Through Star News, leader Doojoon said, “We were able to receive eight trophies in a month all thanks to our fans. Over 1,500 fans came to our first broadcast, and they’ve been with us until our final stage today, so thank you. I’m proud of all of our members for working hard.”
Maknae Dongwoon continued, “We achieved a triple crown for the first time since our debut, and our fancafe has also gotten over 200,000 fans. Since it was our first album, we felt more pressured and worried, but we feel that our fans gave us a lot of love. It was a month that felt like a good dream.”
When asked about their upcoming international activities, Yoseob replied, “We’ll be starting our Japanese promotions as well as our Asian fan meet tour, so we’re all waiting to meet our fans. We are preparing with hopes of showing a better image.”

CREDITS: NATE; Star News; Allkpop; Sport Korea

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