Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yoseob Originally Objected to the Guerilla Concert in Japan a Week Ago

Yoseob stated “At first, I objected the guerrilla concert held in Japan on the 14th.”

On the afternoon of the 17th at a hotel restaurant in Yeoeuido, Seoul, Yang Yoseob met with enews and surprised us with this story. When we asked why, he answered “Truthfully, I had no confidence. (BEAST) is growing a lot right now, if we failed the guerrilla concert, it would have made a big impact mentally.” Yoseob said “When we first arrived at the airport in Japan, there were exactly 5 fans” and “After seeing this I thought ‘All activities were done very secretively,’”He said “Truthfully I vaguely trusted that ‘someone in the company must have secretly posted an announcement about this.’ And I felt even more nervous.” And “I was worried that, what if we couldn’t even get a response right before the performance.”

However, on this day at Shinjuku station, around 5000 people came to watch BEAST’s guerrilla concert and the performance ended successfully. As BEAST started singing “Bad Girl” the fans started singing along to the song, the place resembling a BEAST concert.

Yoseob said “I only started to relax after I saw people gathering. I was so thankful to the Japanese fans who came to watch the sudden concert” and “I think I gained more confidence for the Japanese promotions and tour performances through this performance” he stated with energy.


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