Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hyunseung Got Interested in Acting because of "The Greatest Love"

Hyunseung had revealed his interest for acting.

On the 17th of June, in a hotel restaurant located in Seoul Yeoido, the 6 members of BEAST met up with Enews and discussed their thoughts about finishing their promotions for the first official album, ‘Fiction and Fact’ and plans for the future. During the interview, member Jang Hyunseung stated, “Recently I had become interested in acting,” revealing his transformation into an “acting-idol.”

Hyunseung commented, “I was not triggered to take on acting by Doojoon, who had attempted acting through a sitcom. Even before debut I showed interests in acting. However, after debut, I had no time to even thinking about acting.” He added laughing, “Recently I developed this greed to take on acting, and I had even told my management about these thoughts on the 16th.

According to him, one of the reasons that made him suddenly interested in acting was through the MBC drama ‘The Greatest Love’ starring Cha Seungwon and Gong Hyojin.

Hyunseung said, “’The Greatest Love’ was the first drama that all of BEAST watched together. I think this drama definitely played a role in making me interested in acting again. I want to play the role of a character that has no manners and is very 4D. For example, I would want to try a male character version of Anna Jo (Han Yeseul) from the MBC drama ‘Couple or Trouble’.”


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