Friday, June 10, 2011

BEAST Wins Triple Crown in M!Countdown

BEAST have been working so hard for the past weeks as they were currently in promotion in shows, tours and events of their first full length album 'Fiction and Fact'. 

Most of them have experience exhaustion and sickness already but they have to move along as they felt that everyday while the support of b2uties never fails, they should continue in showing-off a better image of them. 

What more could be a better way to relieve their tiresome state, but to give them a triple crown in three straight weeks. 

And that's what they receive from M!Countdown with the help of b2uties from everywhere. They were number 1 in votes and in sales. 

Congratulations to BEAST. Their first triple crown in M!Countdown for 'Fiction' 

The Winning Speech:

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